Motor Headz Graphene Coating 30ML Kit


Looking for a long-lasting automobile coating that will keep your vehicle looking brand new? Look no further than Motorheadz Graphene Coating! Our graphene-based formula protects your car’s surface against rust, scratches, and other damage, making it look great for years to come. Our hybrid coating bonds better than any other coating and will last up to 5 years!

  • Deepened, glossy shine that will make your car stand out from the crowd.
  • Enhanced scratch and rust resistance making it look great for years to come.
  • Improved Water Spot Protection with Dynamic Hydrophobics
  • Chemical & Detergent Resistant
  • Increased Tensile Strength gives 5+ Years of durability
  • Protection from UV rays and heat damage
  • Easy application

Give your car the protection it deserves with Motorheadz Graphene Coating! So why wait? Get your Motorheadz Graphene Coating today!


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04 - 11 Jun, 2023
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A Breakthrough In-Vehicle Coating Technology

Graphene coatings are new generation paint protection that uses the latest nanotechnology to create an extremely strong and flexible coating. Whether you are a DIY coating user or a professional detailer, MotorHeadz Graphene Coating is guaranteed to perform year after year. Our Graphene coating is a Reduced Graphene Oxide structure that bonds to your car’s and motorcycle’s surface better than any other coating. It’s technically a “hybrid” coating because it needs to be formulated with other elements to make it usable as a coating you can put on your vehicle! You can expect your Graphene Coating to last up to 5 years! Compared to Ceramic Coatings, Graphene Matrix performs extremely well in many areas. Such as water spot resistance, the ability to reject water on contact, and surface hardness.

Revolutionary Technology Made with Graphene Oxide

Motor Headz Graphene Coating utilizes an innovative Graphene Oxide composite that bonds to form a sealed layer of protection. Our unique formula makes Graphene easier to install than ever before. Graphene Coatings do not harden or crystallize like a normal ceramic coating, reducing the risk of potentially irreversible high spots or streaking.

Graphene Coating – 5 Years of Protection

Graphene coating Coating durability is rated in years, not months like many spray-on “Coatings”. Once applied, our Graphene Coating forms a permanent bond to the finish protecting and repelling dirt and contaminants

Hydrophobic Nanotechnology

MotorHeadz Graphene Coating’s extremely high surface sheer angle repels water and contaminants while reducing the risk of water spots, etching and staining. The coating creates a strong layer above your vehicle painted surface. That protects from colour fading, small scratches and swirl marks.

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