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Motor Headz Triple Action Clay Bar

Transform your vehicle’s appearance with Motor Headz Triple Action Clay Bar. Specially formulated to combat the harshest of grime, our clay bar is your solution for eliminating tough surface impurities, environmental residues, and minor blemishes. Safe for all types of paint, it guarantees a sleek, radiant finish, priming your car for an unmatched detailing process.


Motor Headz Glare Guard: Advanced Windshield Cleaner & Protector

Transform your driving visibility with Motor Headz Glare Guard. This advanced cleaner is formulated for automotive glass, adeptly tackling and removing stubborn oil residue, dirt, and environmental grime. Its unique protective formula not only cleans but also shields your windshield and other glass surfaces from future stains, ensuring a crystal-clear view in every drive. Ideal for a wide range of glass types, Motor Headz Glare Guard is your solution for maintaining a pristine and safe driving experience.

Motor Headz Diamond ceramic Spray

Motor Headz Diamond Ceramic Spray

Transform your vehicle’s look with Motor Headz Diamond Ceramic Spray, a pinnacle in automotive care enriched with SiO2 for maximum protection. This cutting-edge formula is more than just a cleaning agent; it creates an impervious hydrophobic shield on your vehicle’s exterior, effectively repelling water and reducing water spots. The result is a lasting, deep sheen that dramatically enhances your car’s appearance.

Crafted for longevity and resilience, our Diamond Ceramic Spray guarantees up to six months of solid defense against environmental elements like water spots, dust, dirt, and road salt. It’s not just for cars but a perfect match for boats, motorbikes, RVs, and more. Engineered for durability and safety on all surfaces, it ensures a pristine, mirror-like finish with every application, making it essential for maintaining your vehicle’s luster and charm.

Best Blind Spot Mirror for cars & Motorcycles – Shop Now

DRIVE WITH CONFIDENCE WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT ACCIDENTS! Never worry if there’s a car next to us while changing lanes. 360° adjustable Blind Spot Removal Mirror helps to provide better visibility. Minimum space, maximum sight. 360°rotatable + 30°sway adjustable. HD Glass that will not haze (unlike other plastic mirrors). 3M High Quality Special Black Glue (Install quickly and easily). […]

Motor Headz Washing Kits

GET MOTOR HEADZ WASHING KIT Video Title Looking for that one kit that has everything? This is it! The 9- Piece car and motorcycle washing kit includes everything you need to wash and protect your ride. From premium-quality shampoos that effortlessly cut through grime to ultra-soft microfiber towels for a scratch-free finish, this kit has […]

Motor Headz WAFFLEWEAVE Dry Microfiber Cleaning

Meet the Multi-Purpose Cloth, the ultimate solution to all your cleaning needs. Meticulously crafted with superior quality materials, this cloth combines durability with unparalleled versatility, making it a must-have in every household, garage, and workspace.

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