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Motorheadz iron remover works by forming a water-soluble complex with the iron particles lodged in the surface. It allows them to be rinsed free and clean deeper than washing or claying alone. Motorheadz Iron Remover’s advanced pH-balanced (pH-7) formula safely breaks down ferrous metallic contamination caused by automotive brakes, rail travel, and construction from delicate vehicle surfaces. It can be used on paint, plastic, chrome, glass, and alloy wheels.

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    Iron Remover


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      Iron Remover


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      What is rail dust? At times you may have noticed little orange specks on the paint of your car and have wondered where it came from. When small metal particles land on your vehicle and rust, small specks can form. This is called rail dust. Motorheadz iron remover effectively removes rail dust from the vehicle paint without any effort.


      The tiny Orange Dots in the first photo are rail dust



      The gray-black dust that often covers a vehicle’s wheels is called brake dust. Basically, brake dust is made up of iron particles and is caused by the grinding of the cast iron brake rotor by the brake pads. In addition, brake dust also contains some of the metallic elements of the brake pad and carbon residue, which also comes from the brake pad. Every time you use your brakes you create more brake dust. The majority of modern brake pads are semi-metallic. A bundle of steel fibers is compressed and then fused with other additives to build a pad. Steel fiber can actually make up 30% of the brake pad so when it is pressed against the brake rotor it scratches the rotor and creates brake dust.

      While brake dust is not indicative of a malfunctioning brake system, it can be harmful to the wheels if it is never cleaned. Brake dust can corrode the clear coat and over time it will eventually eat into the aluminum alloy surface of the wheel.

      • Remove Rust Stains


      Rust is like cancer once it lands on an iron-containing metal. If that metal is a part of your daily driver, you know you need to act first before it affects its effective functioning and, eventually, its safety level. If you’ve spotted signs of corrosion on your vehicle,  it’s better to start using Motorheadz iron remover once every 6 months.


      Rust is the end product of a natural process called the oxidation of the metal. This process occurs when the iron in metal reacts to oxygen in the presence of water or moisture. Because iron and oxygen have opposite charges, they combine in a chemical reaction that produces iron oxide, Fe2O3.  – this is the unattractive brown and crumbly substance that we call rust. Motorheadz iron remover helps you to remove the iron contaminants from vehicle paint surface before they create rusting.



      1. Shake bottle.
      2. Wash vehicle, rinse vehicle, and remove the majority of the water with a quick towel “once-over”.
      3. Spray IronX across the contaminated area.
      4. After 2 ~ 5 minutes rinse off or wash off if dried (depending on environment and temperatures).
      5. Verify all IronX is completely removed and then dry vehicle.
      6. Remove the nozzle and replace cap after use (to avoid leakage).
      Brand: Motor Headz
      Quantity: 200 Millilitres
      Assembly Required: No
      Special Feature: Alloy And Clear Coat Safe
      Safety Note: Wear detailing gloves while using this product
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