Motor Headz 10H Ceramic Coating

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New formula with pure SiO2 content. Compared with 9H coating, this updated version of coating hardness increases to 10H, which means it lasts longer and protects your car thoroughly. 10H ceramic coating provides durable and long-lasting protection for your vehicle. It protects against rain, sun, salt, bird droppings, and debris for over 12 months. One bottle of Nano coating could even cover your bike twice.

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  • Motor Headz 10H Ceramic Coating


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      Motor Headz 10H Ceramic Coating


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      10H is a flat, non-reactive plane that will not form any bonds with other substances. It has high water contact angles and excellent chemical properties to ensure molecular level sealing on your vehicle’s paint. It protects from different elements, including dirt particles or contaminants like bugs!

      Best Overall Protection -The 10H ceramic coating is the best protection for your car. It will protect your vehicle from scratches and other damages.

      Better Slickness -The ceramic coating will also give a better slickness to your car, which means that it makes it easier to slide on water and ice; this can be very useful in wintertime!

      Resistant To Chemicals -The ceramic coating will also make it more resistant to chemicals and environmental defects. The paintwork on your car will be able to repel spills and scratches more efficiently with a coating.


      1. Make sure your car is completely clean.
      2. Unbox the super ceramic coating kit and wrap the provided cloth over the sponge.
      3. Pour some Super ceramic coating liquid drop on the applicator and apply vertical and horizontal by wiping it on approximately 1.5 to 2 sq feet.
      4. Now buff the applied part with a microfiber cloth.
      5. Now apply the second part with the same process. So you have to repeat this process step by step on the whole car.

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      Effectiveness: 3+ Years
      Pencil Hardness: 10H
      Shelf Life:: 1 Year (Li-Ion)
      Appearance: Clear / High Gloss
      Thickness: 8-1 um
      Chem. Resistance: Excellent
      Temp. Resistance: 760°C (1400°F)
      Dry Time: 20 minutes
      Weight.200 kg
      Dimensions20 × 18 × 4.5 cm

      30ml, 50ml

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      3 reviews for Motor Headz 10H Ceramic Coating

      1. Pranshu Sah

        Good product, easy to use, its shows hydrophobic effect after 24 hrs of applying

      2. Pramod Kumar

        Superb quality silicon based ceramic coatings…i have seen many people selling ceramic coatings but very few are genuine as per chemical composition

      3. Mukesh

        This is one of the best ceramic car coating I’ve purchased. Gives good shine used for my two wheeler also and I just loved it.
        Highly recommended

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