Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner(500ML)


With the Motor Headz Multi-purpose Foam Cleaner, with its rich foam and ability to clean even the most stubborn smudges, you’ll be able to restore your car’s exterior and interior look in no time. Motor Headz Multi-purpose Foam Cleaner is a quick and easy way to clean carpets and upholstery, including wool, nylon and other synthetics. Deep cleaning foam penetrates fabric to lift and suspend soil.

The magic of this product is so unique that it can remove dirt from the most stubborn surfaces, even from your homes. If you have tried everything to get your house clean, give our product a chance!

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Mar 28 - 04 Apr, 2023
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  1. Restore your car’s interior look in no time
  2. Clean carpets and upholstery quickly and easily
  3. Remove dirt, dust, and other stubborn debris from surfaces
  4. Eliminate solid odours and smells from your home
  5. 100% biodegradable
  6. Non-toxic and skin-safe

How To Use

  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray from a distance of 15-25cm
  • Allow the foam to break down before wiping the surface clean
  • For some unique material, spray onto a small unnoticed area to test if it does no harm surface
  • Avoid using it anywhere near FIRE and Do not thrust the bottle or throw it into the fire
  • Keep away from children

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