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Does Automatic Car Wash Damage Ceramic Coating And Paint?

Do you have a vehicle that has a ceramic coating? Do you have any reservations about running it through a car wash? Don’t worry; we’re here to help with that question.

Everybody may relate to that awful situation. After an automated car wash, your brand-new, shiny car displays signs of coat scratching and paintwork abrasion. And unless you’ve never given your vehicle any thought, you can probably understand how upsetting it would be to see it ruined after doing what you thought was best for it.

What Kind of Damage Can An Automated Car Wash Cause To Ceramic Coatings?

Have you ever noticed how dark the cleaning tools are in car wash shops?

The debris that falls off the car but isn’t collected remains on those large brushes. In those brushes, you should expect sand, filth, tar, excrement, and more. The reason those brushes are typically abrading your paintwork and the ceramic coating is that they were never maintained.

Imagine continuously smacking your car with a filthy mop at a high rate of speed, no less. This results in hundreds of swirl marks, which are deep micro scratches. Your ceramic coating becomes dull, and the scratches become clearly visible due to the damage done over time.

An automatic car wash can harm your car so quickly that symptoms may already be present after just one visit. But over time and with frequent washings, the damage increases, and finally, the paint becomes dull, and the scratches become very noticeable.

Because of this, all coating layers will be torn and ripped by these automatic car washes. Say goodbye to the pricey clear coat you recently purchased with your bonus!

The Curious Case Of Water Recycling!


Most car washes use significantly less water to wash your car than you would if you washed it at home, which is an intriguing fact. The majority of automated car washes recycle the water they use, which may surprise you!

Many car washes recycle water to reduce the amount of water consumed. Early rinses and detergent mixing typically involve the use of recycled water. Additionally, the high-pressure washer can also utilise it. It never ought to be applied as the last rinse.

The good thing is that it saves water, but it’s also Filthy water carrying the filth of the previous vehicle.

How Can You Then Safely Clean Dirt Off Your Car?

What is the ideal substitute for car owners who still want their vehicles clean but want to protect them from harm caused by automatic car washes?

We believe that washing your vehicle yourself is the best option. Most of the harm that careless car wash staff cause to cars can be prevented if you use a clean, soft cloth and high-quality cleaning and detailing solutions.

You can use Motor Headz Hypersud Foam Wash Car Shampoo to thoroughly clean your vehicle. This shampoo creates extensive cleaning suds in a foam gun or cannon to lubricate the surface and avoid scratching during washing.


Applying a ceramic coating is essential if you want to keep your vehicle clean for longer without dirt and grime adhering to the paintwork. These products typically possess hydrophobic qualities, which aid in encasing and washing away debris when it rains. And when it comes to performing this work, Motor Headz 10H Ceramic Coating is the best.


So now that you know everything, keep all the damage we discussed above in mind the next time your car gets dirty, and think about using the automatic car wash. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more inquiries about how to take the best possible care of your car or if you want to learn more about the other products we provide. We are more than happy to assist you!

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