Car Air Outlet Mobile Phone Holder


Keep your phone close and safe from damage with the U-shaped car holder. This lightweight, portable design is easy to operate without blocking any driving route or compromising safety while shopping on roadways! The thick rubber padding will ensure that you never have scratches to worry about.

The built-in tension spring locks the phone when placed, but if you need some extra protection for your valuable device, this case does its job by adding a silicone pad. It’s soft and durable so as not to scratch or scuff on any surfaces while still providing a good grip that will keep everything safe!


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Sep 26 - 03 Oct, 2023
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Car Air Outlet Mobile Phone Holder

Car Air Outlet Mobile Phone Holder



The U-shaped car phone holder is small, portable, easy to operate, does not block the driving route, and travels safely.


  • Firmly clamps over any car, and no tools are required
  • Mount expands to hold most smartphones securely
  • Engineered for stability & strength, vibration/movement absorption
  • Fully automatic: One-handed operation, quick pick and place in seconds.
  • Safe driving: Do not block the driving route, allowing you to drive safely and travel safely.
  • Unique structure: the built-in tension spring locks the phone when placed.
  • Protect the phone: Soft silicone pad to reduce friction.
  • Innovative and portable: Easy to carry, doesn’t take up much space.

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