How To Remove Rust Stains From Your Car’s Paint?

What Causes The Rust On My Vehicle?

The oxidation of iron particles leads to the formation of rust. Given sufficient time and oxygen, most metals will eventually oxidise into iron oxide. Which will be unattractive and appear in various places on your vehicle.

In addition, the jagged and uneven tiny edges of these oxidised iron particles make them hazardous to a vehicle. Because of this, it is ridiculously simple for the particles to adhere to other surfaces. This is the reason why you will notice rust on your wheel. Because of where the brake callipers are located, iron particles from the brake dust can adhere to and build up on the wheel surface.

Motor Headz Iron Remover Has Arrived to Save the Day

Motor Headz Iron Remover

Eliminators of fallout such as Motor Headz Iron Remover have been developed to selectively penetrate metal particles and sanitise surfaces that have been contaminated. It is designed to remove iron deposits from car paintwork and wheels (the parts of the vehicle closest to the source of brake dust) without damaging or marring the surfaces any further than they already are.

How Can I Clean Up the Iron Particles On My Wheels?

Cleaning brake dust from your wheels and other impacted places only requires three simple actions.The following are some suggestions on how to decontaminate using Motor Headz Iron Remover:

  1. Rinse the surfaces impacted with water to remove any loosened particles, such as dirt and grime. This includes the wheels and the body.
  2. Spray a generous amount of iron remover from Motor Headz all over the surfaces. Then let it sit for a few minutes. As soon as they touch the iron deposits, the Motor Headz Iron remover catalysts will recognise them, react against them, and turn purple.
  3. Run the now-purple Motor Headz Iron Remover under some running water to remove it. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t let it dry completely!
Iron particles falling out after applying Iron Remover

There you have it. A simple process that will take only a few minutes out of your busy schedule can extend your vehicle’s life for a few more years.

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