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What Causes Swirl Marks On Car And How To Remove It?

Do You Know What Those Marks Are On Your Car? Swirl marks are exactly what we’re talking about, right? What exactly are these “swirl marks”? Who or what is responsible for the swirl markings on the car, and how can we get rid of them? Swirl markings are a common source of frustration for both […]


What Causes Swirl Marks On Your Car And How To Remove It?

Swirl marks are a common issue for car owners and professional detailers. Professional detailers know what to do with them, thanks to experience and talent! These tiny dings can degrade the paint of your car. Well, it may not be that noticeable at first, but you’ll be amazed by how much swirl marks alter your car’s […]


The Best Way To Remove Stains From Your Car Seats And Other Interior Detailing Tips!

Your car deserves a good cleaning every now and then. Most of us are incredibly concerned with the exterior appearance of our vehicles, including the glossy finish, smooth surface, and excellent paint job. However, your car’s attractiveness goes deeper than what meets the eye. If you are unaware, we spend much time confined to our cars. […]


How To Maintain Motor Headz Ceramic Coatings?

You recently had a ceramic coating applied, but you aren’t sure how to maintain it, are you? Congrats! You’ve just had a professional apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle, and now you’re looking up information on how to keep it looking as good as new! Yay! We are delighted for you since we are […]


How To Remove Rust Stains From Your Car’s Paint?

What Causes The Rust On My Vehicle? The oxidation of iron particles leads to the formation of rust. Given sufficient time and oxygen, most metals will eventually oxidise into iron oxide. Which will be unattractive and appear in various places on your vehicle. In addition, the jagged and uneven tiny edges of these oxidised iron […]


How To Apply Motor Headz Ceramic Coating?

The process of applying Motor Headz ceramic coating is indeed simple. The application process is completely straightforward and hassle-free. Before applying nano-coating, you have to make the car/ Motorcycle surface free from mud, dirt, and stains, which applies to even all brand-new vehicles. We recommend you do paint correction if necessary. In other words, the […]


How To Use Motor Headz Foam Sprayer?

You’ve seen those photos of cars covered with thick, white foam, and you’ve often wondered: “Just how exactly do they do that?” The secret is a Foam Sprayer! Not just any Foam Sprayer but Motor Headz Foam Sprayer aka Motor Headz Foam Blaster. This handy little tool quickly mixes concentrated Foam Shampoo and transforms it into a thick, […]

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