Motor Headz Matte Ceramic Coating


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Do you have a matte or satin finish on your car? It’s important to keep it adequately protected, whether it’s painted or wrapped! Designed for matte and satin paint, vinyl wraps, and protective films, Motor Headz Matte Ceramic Coating offers durable defence against the harmful effects of the sun, bird droppings, acid rain, industrial fallout, and other environmental contaminants. Matte Ceramic Coating, designed to actively repel water, helps surfaces stay clean. Unlike other nano-coatings, it maintains the matte finish and won’t add shine.

The innovative nano-glass ceramic particles in this high-solids solution replace silicone oils and gloss agents to create a layer of crystal-clear protection that will keep your matte or satin finish appearing brand-new for years.  Water beads up and rolls off with our coating, carrying dirt and pollutants with it. Your matte hood, trim, spoiler, or front lip will be well-protected over time and will remain cleaner in between washes.

  • Motor Headz Matte coating 30 ML

    Motor Headz Matte Ceramic Coating


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      Motor Headz Matte coating 30 ML

      Motor Headz Matte Ceramic Coating


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      Protects Matte Finish:  When Matte Ceramic Coating is used, protected stains and other dangerous impurities won’t adhere as readily, protecting the finish from long-term harm.

      Maintaining the Matte Finish’s Appearance: Instead of covering up the muted sheen of a matte finish like other ceramic nanocoatings, Matte Paint Coating retains it, maintaining a factory-like appearance.

      Hydrophobic Self-Cleaning: The hydrophobic qualities of the self-cleaning matte ceramic coating aggressively reject water while carrying contaminants with them.

      Chemical Resistance: The ceramic coating will also increase the object’s resistance to environmental and chemical contaminants. With this coating, your car’s paintwork will be better able to fend off spills and scratches.

      Year-Round Protection: More than any wax or sealant, the matte ceramic coating offers year-round protection for matte paint for three to five years.


      1. Make sure your vehicle is clean and dry.
      2. Open the Motor Headz Matte Ceramic Coating package, and then cover the sponge with the included black selvet cloth.
      3. Apply a few drops of Motor Headz Matte Ceramic Coating vertically and horizontally by wiping it on 1.5 to 2 square feet with the applicator.
      4.  Now buff the area that was applied with a microfiber cloth.
      5. Apply the same procedure to the second section now. Furthermore, you must repeat this procedure on the entire car.
      Effectiveness: 3+ Years
      Pencil Hardness: 9H
      Shelf Life:: 1 Year (Li-Ion)
      Appearance: Clear
      Thickness: 8-1 um
      Chem. Resistance: Excellent
      Temp. Resistance: 760°C (1400°F)
      Dry Time: 20 minutes

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