Motor Headz PPF Ceramic Coating


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Introducing Motor Headz PPF Ceramic Coating, a coating dedicated to Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Vinyl surfaces to increase the durability of your PPF and providing excellent hydrophobic properties. The permanent surface of the film is an extremely dense, flexible material that chemically bonds with the coating, shielding it from the elements that a car is exposed to every day.

UV degradation from the sun is the worst adversary of PPF and vinyl; hence our coating was created from the ground up with strong UV blockers. With UVA and UVB-resistant particles embedded within Motor Headz PPF Ceramic Coating nanostructure, you can be sure that your wrapped surfaces will provide the finest skin protection.

PPF or vinyl’s ability to repel dirt and water is improved by the coating’s density and low surface energy. It also aids in minimising UV-induced yellowing and stains from dirt penetration. This highly developed nano-coat gives the surface a lustrous appearance, incredible water and dirt resistance, and tough durability measured in years!

  • Motor Headz PPF coating 30 ML

    Motor Headz PPF Ceramic Coating


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      Motor Headz PPF coating 30 ML

      Motor Headz PPF Ceramic Coating


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      Strong UV Blockers: Unique UV-infused nano structure repels UV rays, water, oils, dirt, and contaminants.

      Unique Hydrophobic Properties: With its unique hydrophobic properties, liquids and pollutants will bead up and run off (like a waxed hood). If your paint job is resistant to grime, muck, oils, smudges, and streaks, it will be simpler to maintain its bright brilliance.

      Increases Service Life of Vehicle: As years of use and abuse deteriorate a vehicle’s technical qualities, look, and shine, the car’s value depreciates. Motor Headz PPF Ceramic Coating helps PPF efficiently resist debris, rocks, sand, and other impacts that may otherwise result in incidental chips, scratches, and abrasions, preserving the vehicle’s youth.

      Makes The Surface Easier To Maintain: With its unique dirt-repellent properties, Motor Headz PPF Ceramic Coating makes it easier to clean and maintain your vehicle even after a long and brutal journey.

      Long-Lasting: The PPF Ceramic Coating provides the PPF surface with year-round protection for more than two years, providing greater protection than any wax or sealant.


      1. Ensure that your car is dry and clean.
      2. After removing the sponge from the Motor Headz PPF Ceramic Coating package, use the included black selvet cloth to cover it.
      3. With the applicator, spread a few drops of Motor Headz PPF Ceramic Coating across an area of 1.5 to 2 square feet in both the vertical and horizontal directions.
      4. Now use a microfiber cloth to buff the treated area.
      5. Now move on to the second part and follow the same process. Additionally, you must carry out this process throughout the vehicle.
      Effectiveness: 2+ Years
      Pencil Hardness: 9H
      Shelf Life:: 1 Year (Li-Ion)
      Appearance: Clear / High Gloss
      Thickness: 8-1 um
      Chem. Resistance: Excellent
      Temp. Resistance: 760°C (1400°F)
      Dry Time: 20 minutes

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