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What Is Paint Correction? Why You Need To Do It Before Ceramic Coating!

Your vehicle is subjected to a wide variety of environmental hazards daily, ranging from inclement weather and bird droppings to industrial pollution. And in general, just the wear and tear of ordinary life. However, despite all your hard work, nothing can be done to prevent your automobile from ending the day with a few minor […]


What Does It Mean By Hydrophobic Coating?

What Exactly Does It Mean to Have a Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, or Hydrophilic Surface? The process of changing the surface of a material by introducing new physical, chemical, or biological features that are distinct from those already present on the surface of the material is referred to as surface modification. Hydrophobic Effect A hydrophobic person is afraid […]


What Causes Foggy Headlights?

Foggy Headlights Indicate Dangerous Nights An Experiment An American news website conducted an experiment in which it needed two toddlers walked in front of an automobile tested from a distance of roughly 175 feet (about 53.34 metres). They found a significantly noticeable difference in the visibility between a vehicle with foggy headlights and a newer […]


How Can You Tell If Your Ceramic Coating Has Worn Out?

Ceramic coatings are all the rage in the world of automobile enthusiasts. Are you familiar with it?That is why you have come here, right? We are going to tell you everything there is to know about it! A ceramic coating, also known as a nano-ceramic coating, is a chemical polymer solution applied to the exterior […]

Super Ceramic Coating Detailing

What Steps Should I Take to Expand My Detailing Business?

Do you agree that 2020 marked a turning point for many of us? If there’s one thing that this past year has taught us, it’s that we should always have a backup plan ready to go. Many companies have begun to rely on digital systems to keep their operations functioning normally despite interruptions and glitches. […]


What Is The Difference Between 9h and 10h Ceramic Coating?

Is there a distinction between a ceramic coating with a 10H and a 9H hardness? What exactly does it all signify? Is there a real thing called 10H? Is 10H a higher-quality option than 9H? Right now, we’ll answer some of your more complex questions. First! You are probably curious as to what all the […]


How To Apply Motor Headz Ceramic Coating?

The process of applying Motor Headz ceramic coating is indeed simple. The application process is completely straightforward and hassle-free. Before applying nano-coating, you have to make the car/ Motorcycle surface free from mud, dirt, and stains, which applies to even all brand-new vehicles. We recommend you do paint correction if necessary. In other words, the […]


How To Use Motor Headz Foam Sprayer?

You’ve seen those photos of cars covered with thick, white foam, and you’ve often wondered: “Just how exactly do they do that?” The secret is a Foam Sprayer! Not just any Foam Sprayer but Motor Headz Foam Sprayer aka Motor Headz Foam Blaster. This handy little tool quickly mixes concentrated Foam Shampoo and transforms it into a thick, […]

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