The Best Way To Remove Stains From Your Car Seats And Other Interior Detailing Tips!

Your car deserves a good cleaning every now and then. Most of us are incredibly concerned with the exterior appearance of our vehicles, including the glossy finish, smooth surface, and excellent paint job.

However, your car’s attractiveness goes deeper than what meets the eye.

If you are unaware, we spend much time confined to our cars. It’s time to give the inside of your car a thorough spring cleaning, from quick excursions and carpool karaoke to watching movies at drive-ins and dining on wheels. Therefore, the interior of your vehicle deserves (and needs!) regular cleaning and maintenance because it is just as important as the exterior.

We’re here to explain why maintaining cleanliness is crucial.

Cleaning Your Car’s Interior: How Important Is It?

1. Preserve Car Value

You must exert all of your energy to keep your car in top shape if you want to earn the biggest financial return on your investment. Making sure your car’s interior is well-maintained is one way to prevent it from losing value.

2. Stains: Prevent & Reduce

With spotty polka-dot soiled seats, all that sleek, hot-looking out-of-the-box car with custom improvements wouldn’t look as glamorous, would it?

The problem is that removing stains, especially old ones, requires so much work that you might as well just replace the seats. We advise you to constantly maintain its cleanliness rather than dealing with all that bad pieces of stuff on the seats.

3. Keeps The Upholstery Safe

Your car’s upholstery is not only vulnerable to stains and spills but also to a lack of interior cleaning and upkeep. If the stains are too deep to be removed by cleaners, replacing them may be quite expensive.

4. Eliminate Allergens

The spread of mites, pollen, dust, germs, and other things that harm cars can be stopped by keeping your vehicle clean.

Greater road safety is also guaranteed by a clean car. Sneezing and itchy eyes, two allergy symptoms, can impair a driver’s reaction time when driving. So that visibility at the wheel is not compromised, it is crucial to wash the automobile from the inside out to lessen the effects of allergens.

Increasing Your Leather’s Lifespan


Maintaining the leather’s condition for as long as possible is the goal of good leather care. The degree of use, level of exposure to the elements, and method of manufacturing the leather all have a significant role in the care required.

Oils and fats are traditionally needed to maintain leather soft and supple and to lengthen its lifespan. In the past, oils and grease were put into the leather to make it waterproof and resistant to bad weather. Currently, waterproofing coatings like Motor Headz Quick Polish have become available. These coatings are crucial for increasing the hydrophobicity of leathers and preventing unintentional discolouration.


While increasing the hydrophobicity of the leather is one of the functions of waterproofing, it should not be viewed as the only answer or as a suitable stand-alone protectant in the long run. It is crucial to remember that leathers that are neglected after waterproofing will eventually dry up and become brittle, resulting in discolouration and splits.

Preventing Wear and Tear on the Leather Surface


The hydrophobicity of the coloured leather should be increased and improved by applying a waterproof coating. Using ceramic coatings on flexible materials, such as leather, to boost their hydrophobicity and oleophobicity and shield them from stains and watermarks is now possible thanks to products like Motor Headz Quick Polish. Semi-aniline leathers and coloured leathers can both be treated with Quick Polish. With enhanced flexibility, Motor Headz Quick Polish offers ceramic protection and strength.

Tips For Cleaning The Interior!

1. Do a Complete Vacuuming

First, get rid of all the empty bottles, cans, and candy wrappers, though. After removing the trash, use a vacuum to remove the loose dirt and grime from your carpet, seats, and flooring.

Use Motor Headz Car Vacuum Cleaner to clean the dust from air vents, seat corners, creases, armrests, switches, and buttons. Also, if there are any small nooks or tight spots.

2. Do Not Ignore The Carpets

It’s bad enough that the only thing your car’s floor mats typically see is muddy shoe bottoms. Oh, and let’s not forget the stale Pepsi that was spilled and the bits of potato chips. The mats receive more than their fair share of beatings every day.

Ring a bell? 

Your floor mats require more than a vigorous shake to remove dust and grime. It could be tempting to clean your carpets with a mixture of anything containing dish detergent, vinegar, and club soda if they include mould and mildew.

3. Clean The Surfaces

Although they frequently go unnoticed during interior cleaning, door panels, dashboards, steering wheels, consoles, and jambs are just as important as the rest.

Accidents occur frequently, and we understand entirely.

The vinyl surfaces’ sticky streaks and stains may have resulted from accidents involving your kids, pets, pals, or even you. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any embedded dust from the surfaces before beginning to clean the stains.

Clean and polish the surfaces’ nooks and crannies to a good, glossy finish using a microfiber cloth.

4. Remember The Windshield And The Windows

Remove watermarks, smudges, and fingerprints from your windows and windshield.

Driving is safer when the windows are clean.

An automatic Windshield Cleaner will do the trick. Not only will it keep your windshield clean, but it will also remove bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap and road grime from your windshield.

Do Not Postpone The Interior Cleaning


Your car’s interior deserves just as much consideration as its outside, which brings us to our last piece of advice.

Do not put off cleaning spills and stains because “no one will see it.”

We invest a lot of money and time in our car. Therefore, it’s critical to maintain it while avoiding needing to spend a tonne of money doing so.

Always remember that even a little bit of saving money is earning money.

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