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Want to clean your car much easier and faster? Look no further than the Motor Headz Foam Blaster! This handy little tool quickly mixes concentrated Foam Shampoo and transforms it into a thick, foamy wash that coats any vehicle surface. No hose attachment is needed – pump it up by hand, and you’re ready to go!

The durable Polypropylene/Polyethylene construction means this foam sprayer is built to last. Also, Its translucent tank allows for checking the liquid level inside. So speed up your cleaning process with the Motor Headz Foam Blaster – your car will thank you!

  • Motor Headz Foam Blaster


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      Motor Headz Foam Blaster


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      • The pressure release safety valve makes depressurization easy
      • A translucent tank means you can quickly check the level of liquid inside.
      • Durable construction means it’s built to last
      • Easy manual assembly and disassembly for complete maintenance
      • Pump handle for the easy pumping action
      • Saves time and energy – no hose or pressure washer needed
      • Trigger grip to easily control foam flow

      How To Use:

      • Open the sprayer head and gently pour 500 ML of water and mix 10ml of car foam shampoo into it.
      • Re-attach the sprayer head and close it tightly.
      • Hold the Foam Blaster straight and spray to the surface you want to clean.
      • Pull the black valve to release the pressure after work or before unscrewing the blackhead.

      You can find a more detailed Motor Headz Foam Blaster how-to-use guide here.

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      Brand: Motor Headz
      Capacity: 2L
      Weight: 445 Grams
      Dimensions:34 x26 CM
      Body Plastic Type:: PP and PE
      Chuck Type: Hex Bit Holds Chuck
      Nozzles: 3
      Pumping Sessions to cover a Motorcycle: 2-3 Sessions
      Pumping Sessions to cover a Car: 3-5 Sessions
      Spraying Angle: 55°
      Country of Origin: China

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      14 reviews for Motor Headz Foam Blaster

      1. Aryan Kumar

        Creates a nice pre-soaking foam from your choice of soap. Generates thick foam and the trigger holder makes it easy for constant Pumping. Great Product Overall.

      2. Irfan Khan

        One of the problems that I find with the car shampoos is that they don’t lather up very well and due to this less foam and more water gets generated. That is when I found this Foam Blaster. Using little bit of the shampoo mixed with water, I can easily make enough solution for each wash. There are many advantages to using this over a hose. It uses less water, I can use this anywhere and most importantly it’s simple and easy to handle and use. I recommend it to anyone who are looking for an affordable Foam Blaster.

      3. Abhishek Singh

        Great Value for the money spend. I am used to much more expensive sprayers and this is priced just right.The reason why I gave it a 4 start out of 5 is simply when u pump about 5 times the spray doesn’t last long u have to pump for like 10 times to get a good spray. But over all works amazing and produces thick foam from less amount of shampoo.

      4. Guruprasad Thamilnesan

        This arrive today and I tried it today! Foams are so THICK and BEAUTIFUL, it makes better foam than my pressure washer with foam cannon. For those who don’t have a power washer or don’t have water available this creates thick foamy suds with a quality car shampoo, the foam this thing makes is beyond your expectations, easy to use, easy to set up. This product is one of the best in the market in my opinion it’s durable and I highly recommend it.

      5. Syed Sameer

        I am giving 3 stars because product arrived way later than they promised. The expected delivery was supposed to be within 4 days but it reached in 7 days. When you are running an E-Commerce business you should provide timely delivery for your customers. If you solve this problem then you will have my 5 star rating. Product built quality is great!

      6. Harshit Pathak

        Very easy to use and great for fast wash jobs.The amount this sprayer holds was just the perfect amount for me to quickly clean my Fz 16. It pumps up easily and sprays a perfect pattern for a good long time before needing to be pumped up again.The pick up tube it sufficiently long so that every last drop of liquid can be dispensed. Because this foam blaster doesn’t utilize huge amount of water it’s perfect for me as I live in a place with water scarcity. I highly recommend it.

      7. Pooja Talukdar

        Its works as intended for the price point, product is constructed very well. The plastic walls are very thick and can definitely take a beating. The only problem that I found with the product is when you stop spraying the remaining little droplets fall onto your cloths and it’s just inconvenient and unnecessarily wets your cloths. I wish there was some tight closing mechanism. Other than that good product.

      8. Anuj Khanna

        I spray all over my vehicle with this thing. The only drawback is that the small portion at the top where you pump it might occasionally come off. Otherwise, it’s quite excellent. It might only be mine, though.

      9. Majinder Singh

        I wasn’t expecting much when I first saw it because I don’t always believe what I see. However, this is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. It was pleasant for me to use on my Kia Seltos. I would recommend it, it is a lot of fun to keep the my car clean with this thing.

      10. Kaushal Chetan

        The performance is excellent for what it is. It should be noted that it takes many pumps to establish a steady stream, but this product is one of the best on the market in my opinion because it is sturdy and they have some excellent customer service. I highly recommend it.

      11. Nadeem Ahamad

        It almost works too well. You’ll use up a lot of shampoo quickly. Covered every nook and cranny on my car with foam in about 2 minutes . Your choice of shampoo will undoubtedly provide better or worse results. The one we had in hand worked well for us, but I will absolutely look into other choices. It was VERY simple to put together and take apart, and utilising it only requires holding the handle. makes car washing quick and enjoyable.

      12. Sivakumar Shekar

        Since this is my first foam gun purchase, it’s difficult for me to compare it to another brand, but I can tell that I’m quite pleased with it. Instead of spending money to take it to a car wash every time it becomes dirty, I’ve been looking for a practical solution to clean my car and my bike at home. I’m confident that in the long term, I’ll save a tonne of money. It is so much easier to clean with this than with simply soap and a bucket of water because it is so simple to use. In fact, It actually makes me look forward to the next time I’ll get to use it.

      13. Rahul Prajapati

        Since the weather was comparatively nice today, I used it. This foam sprayer connects precisely how it should. It is trouble-free and does not leak. I was able to get the car a stunning white colour by adjusting the water and soap mixture. Very straightforward to use, and very simple to shut off when finished! This is essential for every vehicle lover. There are many costly foam guns that produce the same effects. Definitely happy with the results

      14. Durga

        fantastic stuff good value for the money. I’m quite happy with my decision. I spent a lot of time looking for a nice sprayer because I have a sizable garden. I’ve now found it. Many thanks.

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